February, 9 2010
Dampier Archipelago
Peter Zylstra

Tony Hewitt was the hardest for me to photograph. Being primarily a portrait photographer, he would restlessly move in and out of the other people. Fortunately I could grab a quick snapshot of him sharing a photo with Christian as he was trapped on a boat cruising around the Dampier Archipelago. I thought I was capturing an intimate moment between the two photographers, but Christian told me later we are actually seeing jealousy after he saw Tony’s picture.

Unlike the landscape photographers who set up in a prime vantage point, Tony would look for the stories in the land as though he were taking a portrait. A consummate mediator and generous of spirit, he always made sure the group was happy (aside from the occasion jealous reactions to his work). This is why he is one of the most sought-after photographers and public speakers in Western Australia.

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