September, 30 2012
Port Hedland
Ketaki Sheth



I’m a boiler maker on De Grey Station, we do the repairs of stock crates, erection of cattle yards, and repairs of old stock yards. I mainly work in the workshop and if there are repairs needed anywhere on the station that's where I go.  Before I came out here I was working in Port Hedland, I moved up here in 2009 because of work opportunities.

I grew up in Mullewa, which is one hundred kilometres east of Geraldton; it's mainly a farming area, with a lot of cropping and sheep.  My parents had a station outside of Cue and I have always preferred the bush. The wet season is pretty good in the Pilbara; it’s good to see the pasture go to green. Last year when the river ran we had whole trees floating down.

I do a lot of pigging (chasing wild pigs) with my American Bulldog, Bully. We probably go once a month and get a camel for dog meat or we will get the ribs, or get the back straps (scotch fillet) we get that and bring it home, cut it up and put it on the barbie. There are heaps of camels and they're regarded around here as vermin, as they do so much damage to the infrastructure. A lot of people shoot them out of the chopper to get rid of them, whereas we shoot them to eat. There is pretty much one spot where you are 99 percent guaranteed they will be. They can get pretty nasty, they spit at you and they have a hard brisket between their chest, so if the dog is trying to attack them, they will drop on their forelegs and squash them with their brisket.

I do a lot of crabbing too, which is fun, I’ve almost had my finger bitten off a few times. The crabs have swimmers at their back end, you grab them by that, or put your foot on their shell and grab their claws. You catch them in the net and then you put them in the esky.




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