February, 8 2010
Near Whim Creek
Peter Zylstra

February 8, 2010. Driving from Port Hedland to Karratha took us about twice as long as planned as we stopped at every slight elevation in the landscape to capture the vista. The photographers raced up the hills with their gear to claim the prime locations. Christian Fletcher, the fearless leader, tried to keep us on schedule.

Christian is well known to many in the Hedland community from his workshops and many trips to the area. Knowing the area well, he brought together a superb group of photographers for this project. While there was great camaraderie and banter between the artists, there was definitely friendly competition as well. However, Christian was always there to make sure things didn’t become either too serious or silly. Forever the teacher, he would talk his way through the photographing process, with the students hovering around picking up his knowledge.

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