August, 31 2012
Port Hedland
John Elliott



I’m from the Cocos Islands and been here four-and-a-half years. I arrived to Australia in 1975 and went to school in Katanning. Then I went back to Cocos Islands for 20 years and returned with kids and a family to Perth.

A company offered me a job in Port Hedland and I had never been here before, so I take to the job. I like Hedland but I don’t like the weather it’s too hot and dry. I work for Water Corporation and look after the waste water, which is a big job. We start in the office then go out to the field, to service leaking pipes, and the treatment plant.

In 2008 the town was not much, but the population is starting to grow and I get more work, now I am very happy living here. I like relaxing and fishing. We get together with other people in the Cocos population; there are about 600 left. There used to be more, but now, there are no jobs. Most people if they leave Cocos will come to Australia. I miss the island sometimes, because my family is still there. I have a wife and girl and boy.

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