August, 31 2012
Port Hedland
John Elliott


The word ‘Pilbara’ is romantic to the people in the East. I still love the place after all these years; I always tell people it’s paradise. Indee Station was formed around the 1900s; it was originally part of a larger station and they cut it into four. I’ve heard it was Aboriginal for the edge of the crabhole country which is possible because there are crab holes there. I’ve been here more than 50 years.

I designed the house; I made all the bricks by hand, over 5,000 and eliminated the white ant problem. My design is cyclone proof. We get a lot more warning for cyclones these days, Cyclone George in 2007 was a little bit different but I think something went wrong with the warning system. Sometimes when the cyclones hit the coast they veer South but George hit the coast and veered South West. We’ve had tragedy here. I lost my first wife in 1992. In ‘68 we had the Vicker’s Viscount crash; the MacRobertson Miller Airlines Flight on New Year’s Eve, one of this state’s worst civil aviation accidents. The family members would come to see the place where the plane crash-landed. The wing fell off, which caused the crash.

Thank God for the iron ore, you are not making any money in the cattle industry by sending them a couple thousand kilometres South, it’s not worth your time. All the changes are good for the place, it keeps us going. These days, I wake up at 4am and cook breaky for the miners; I still work in the mine two days per week at 5am, otherwise I’ll head back into bed. No health issues up here, I’ve been very physical living here not using machines. We get tourists come to visit from all over the world, mainly from the eastern states.

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