August, 31 2012
Port Hedland
Bharat Sikka



I’m from the North Island in New Zealand. I was in Perth and applied for a job on, and BHP Billiton moved me up here to be an electrician. I didn’t know about the Pilbara before I came to Perth, but lots I knew there were a lot of mines in Western Australia and I had some friends in the city so it was a good base. I met someone who I went to school with here, but I didn’t know they were here; I just bumped into them.

I was driven to move over to WA basically because there were more opportunities, and I needed a change. I came first and then my family came later once I had a house and was settled. I still have one of my children in New Zealand who is with their Mum.

I didn’t like Port Hedland at first, but after being here for a bit, then it grew on me. I like getting out into the outdoors, and I’m starting to enjoy it as opposed to the city life.

I start work ay 7am, at Nelson Point, I mainly do maintenance work, but we also do whatever is required. Then I finish at about 3.30pm, I do a bit of gym work, then have tea and watch television. I didn’t want to do FIFO work, I’d rather be with my family. My partner works at Skilled Recruitment, at first daycare was an issue and we had a friend’s wife fly up here from Perth to watch my son, Shia, until he could get into. We were lucky that there was a new daycare facility and my partner went early and signed up, we’ve heard that others have had to wait six months and even up to a year.

Our friend has moved back to Perth, and we pay $500 per week for day care, so that is an expensive cost for us.
I’ve done a year now and my contract is two years, but I may end up here a bit longer then that, it’s a good change.

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