August, 31 2012
Bharat Sikka

Nanna Pansy


I was born around 1943 at Mount Cedric, that’s other side of Mallina, the old road going to Yandeyarra. My father’s country is Whim Creek, Mum’s from Shaddock Station she born there. I grew up in Cheeditha Station. I was about 14 when my mother had her last child and after she had a baby we lost her and we were stuck with my Aunty.

We lived in the old reserve. When I went to school, I had a job at Tom Lee’s, working in the shop, pulling all the bread out from the oven - before working there I was at Mount Welcome Station, me and my sister Violet, wash the dishes, sweep the floor. These days I mainly do survey work, I used to go walking in the team, but not now, I can’t walk I’ve got arthritis. I like to go out bush, my son takes me with the family, and we go to Cheeditha.

I’ve got two sons, Michael and my youngest son. I’ve got my grandsons living with me now. These days in Roebourne we’ve got a swimming pool, new houses, but we need a new shop, and we need more houses.

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