September, 30 2012
Port Hedland
Annet van der Voort


I’ve been living here since 1982. I was born in South Australia. There was a flying school that was operating; I came here to finish off the students who hadn’t completed their licenses. I did my trade as a brick layer and started learning to fly when I was fourteen. I’ve had my own business since 1981. I came here with a little 172 Cessna now we have a fleet of nine aircraft.

We do a lot of Aboriginal community support work. We fly nurses around the Western Desert, do mail runs, transport people around the place, bring people in and out of mine sites for their rest and recreation, and take them to work.  We’ve had some our aircraft working in Vietnam and around the place; we extend as north as Darwin, to the border to Alice and all the way down to Perth.

When I first got here, it was the last frontier town in Australia. I think it’s wonderful, people are finally getting the opportunity to earn good money, communities get a great opportunity to establish their lives in a positive way.
People are working twelve hour days, seven days a week. It is a working town; I find that I get very little time to read a book.

Living in Port Hedland has given me the opportunity to end up on the east coast or Margaret River way. I like the roughness, everything is big, the flights are long and vast, it is interesting and still fascinates me today. It’s fantastic to look at the coastline.

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