September, 30 2012
Port Hedland
Annet van der Voort


I’m from Jakarta in Indonesia. My parents are from Central Java and they moved to Jakarta when they were young, all their kids are born in Jakarta and went to school there. I went to an Academy for the tourism industry and got a diploma, then I started working in the hospitality industry where I was a travel agent for 18 years.

I came to Port Hedland in 2007 and got married but it didn’t work out, so we broke up. I planned to go home to Indonesia, but I met Peter Hall. When I came, first I worked as a cleaner, and then I got another job doing customer service at Woolworths, I did this for three and half years and it was a mix of full time, casual, and part time. I always like to learn more and I did MYOB accounting and learnt Quick book online. Now, I work at Qantas Lounge, and I would like to work in the hospitality industry. I love Port Hedland, it’s full of gorgeous people and its close to my country.

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