September, 21 2010
Burrup Peninsular
William L Fox

Six pm and with an almost full moon finds Mollie and I sitting on rocks across from the small valley and the ammonia nitrate plant at the foot of the Burrup. The photographers are framing their shots of the lights coming on all over the complicated array of towers and cooling towers, a handsome almost festive facade to a chemical plant. Mollie frames her own shot using Les on the left and Tony on the right as her markers, and Les returns the gesture. Photographer photographing photographers is a familiar way of reminding ourselves that we're actively framing what we're seeing and ‘capturing.' Even the most straightforward depiction of an industrial structure is a fiction to some degree. As the lights come up during twilight, everyone gets their pictures. It's what they expected to photograph, but everyone agrees the pictures are not that successful. It's what you don't expect out here that works as art.

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